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WWE Monday Night Raw Results Winners Highlights 16/01/2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results - Brock Lesner Returns
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Welcome to our website, here we provide you the information about the WWE Monday Night Raw Results which happened on 16th of January 2017. Here is the complete list of Match Results, Winners and as well as highlights too. The episode contains many ups and down matches and preparing for the battle of Royal Rumble Match 2017 which is going to happen on January 29, 2017. This article is all about WWE Monday Night Raw Results Highlights and list of winners. This WWE Raw is in the memory of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka 1943-2017.

Brock Lesner – The Beast Returns

First of all, in the starting of the WWE Raw event, Roman Reigns enters into the arena and talks about how he will gonna win the WWE Universal Title at Royal Rumble and going to enter into the main event WrestleMania 33 again. He claimed that no one can beat him in an one-on-one match. Suddenly Paul Heyman interrupted him to talk about the shit. He talks about his client Brock Leasner who will going to enter into the Royal Rumble Match on 29th January 2017 but crowd in the arena down him out and chants started of Bill Goldberg. Then WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens enters with his mate the New WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho. When they started challenged them for the Royal Rumble Match, Seth Rollins enters the arena and claimed about how he will gonna at Royal Rumble and going to main event Wrestlemania 33. Next is Brawn Strawman. Brawn enters the ring with the angry mood and comes face to face against Reigns. Then, there comes the beast, the monster Brock Lesner. He was moving forward to the ring and everyone was watching him. Through sudden Sami Zayn comes from behind and attack Brawn. They all started fighting each other, Roman with the superman punch on Brawn, Rollins with the knee on Brawn. Lesnar attacked Sami as he was going away. In the end, Brock dominated the ring beating each and everyone. Thats all for now, you can watch more about the Brock Lesner fight in the video given above.

You can check more about the WWE Monday Night Raw Results below.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass against Jinder Mahal and Rusev

Firstly, Jinder Mahal and Rusev along with his wife Lana, came up to the arena for the fight. After the injury of Enzo Amore, they came out for the first time together to fight against Jinder Mahal and Rusev. They came up with their MIC on the hand and started their MIC work as they entered usually.

They all came up the ring and the bell rings, the fight begins. Enzo starts with the Jinder Mahal and take him into the corners. Enzo encounters Jinder and came him to the corner and made the tag with Big Cass. After this, Rusev came up and knocks on the Enzo to the ring. Cass keeps the Jinder to the floor and gave him a clothesline. Along with Jinder, Rusev also joins him on the floor. The more about WWE Monday Night Raw Results are updated below.

After struggling too much, Rusev came in the ring and put Enzo on the floors for a 2 counts. Rusev dominating Enzo now and tags made between Rusev and Jinder, and Mahal drops a big knee on Enzo Amore. However Enzo finally able to give the tag to Cass and he dominated with the energetic moves on Jinder and Rusev. Cass sends Rusev flying off the apron with a boot. Jinder rolls Cass up for 2. Cass drops Jinder with a big boot. Enzo tags and goes to the top for the big double team and the pin and they won.


  • Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

Check below for more WWE Monday Night Raw Results Fights Winners.

Ariya Daivari against Lince Dorado

After the match, the another match is on the line. Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher joins the commentary.  Firstly, Ariya Daivari came up to the arena for the match. He talks harshly to Gallagher about their “I Forfeit” match on WWE 205 Live tomorrow night. Along with this, Lince Dorado entered to fight against Daivari. The article we provided is all about the WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Winners, Highlights.

They both came up to the ring and refree rungs the bell and match begins. Daivari with the aggresion to start but Dorado dominated from the ropes for a count of 2. Daivari continue his aggressive mood and started beating Dorado from corner to corner. Daivari was teased from Gallagher as fans started booing. Dorado comes up with the advantage and turns the match around for the epic win. Dorado came up with a springboard stunner for a close 2 count. Dorado missed a shot from the top corner. Daivari nails a big clothesline and a last submission for the win.


  • Ariya Daivari.

WWE RAW Tag Team Title Match: Sheamus and Cesaro vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Here is the match of WWE Tag Team Title and the Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Ceasaro are in the ring. Following him, the challengers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson entered the arena. The bell rings, Cesaro and Anderson started the match. Sheamus tags himself as Cesaro caught Anderson in a big backbreaker. Sheamus dropped a big knee and covers up for a count of 2. Cesaro tags back in and nailed a double stomp for a count of 2. Anderson with the corner and tags Gallows for teaming battle. Gallows with a count of 2 on Cesaro.

To know about this epic fight you must have to watch the video given above. We cannot tell you everything here. As it was an interesting match, which cames up with the disqualification result.

Winners By Disqualification

  • Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Match between Rich Swann and Tony Nese interrupted by Neville

The match was going to starts as Tony Nese was waiting in the ring for WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann who is making his way out through the ring. Following are the WWE Monday Night Raw Results List of Winners and as well as Highlights Video.

The match didn’t started as Neville comes to the ring from running through the crowd and attacks Rich Swann. The match Officials are out to break it up. Neville is in harsh mood but Swann comes back. Nese joined Neville but unable to dominated, which later caused Neville to through him to the floor. Neville brings up the more cheap shots on Swann before we go to watch the replays.

Titus O’Neil replacing The New Day for Royal Rumble Match

The New Day comes into the arena with their BootyO’s cereals for the fans, distributing at the ringside. Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods took the mic discussing about the Royal Rumble match. They believed that it’s friend vs. friend and each man for himself entering into the Royal Rumble Match. The New Day claimed to each other that if one of them will gonna win the Rumble, they wins the Rumble and then the Team The New Day enters into the main event of WrestleMania.

The music interrupts the speech of Woods and there comes Titus O’Neil. Titus speaks about he don’t eager to join The New Day, but actually he wants to replace them. Titus told them to hook him up with one of their Rumble spots but they turn him down. Titus challenged them not to give him anything, he will grab it. Big E volunteered and said if he won, Titus must have to leave them alone and quit stalking them.

Big E against Titus O’Neil


The match between Titus and Big E started with the Titus in control in the corner. Big E came out from the opposite corner with a push of shoulder and Titus goes down. Big E ducks a clothesline and started taunts on Titus. Big E made an abdominal stretch now. Check more about WWE Monday Night Raw Results below.

Big E ended up pulling Titus to the floor. He followed and keeps control on him. Titus teased Woods. Kofi stoped Woods from chase him to the ring. Big E follows but Titus floors him with a boot for a count of 2. Titus now attacking on Big E back to back and attempted another pin. Titus droped his elbows and covers for another 2. Titus scoops Big E and slams him on his face for a close count of 2.

For more about the WWE Monday Night Raw Results, check the video given above.


  • Big E

Charlotte and Bailey Rivalry

News comes from the Women Division, Charlotte taunts and teased on Bailey of how Bailey’s always being a fan. She teased her and started talking about Bailey’s earlier life.

You can check the video which we provided in WWE Monday Night Raw Results.

Charlotte said that this is what Bayley is – an average fan. Bayley replied that she is not ashamed of the passion and love she has for WWE. Bayley share about her personal life that she didn’t have a dad that could get her into WWE with one phone call but she did have a dad who took her to every WWE event in San Jose, California even if he didn’t have the money. That the taunt she cheers up against Charlotte. She promised her Dad that one day she would make it into the rings. Bayley does poems about beating Charlotte at the Rumble, ending her pay-per-view streak.

WWE Crusierweight : Cedric Alexander vs The Brian Kendrick

The match between Cedric and Brain started with the bell rung by refree. Cedric brings him back in the ring but Kendrick dropped him with nasty kick. Kendrick keeps Cedric grounded for a while now. Dar was watching from backstage.

Here we provides the article on WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Winners and Highlights Video.

Cedric with a comeback and gets a close count of 2. Kendrick counters and locks in the Captain’s Hook. Alicia runs down. Cedric makes it to ringside and talks with Alicia, allowing Kendrick to drop him off the distraction. Kendrick taunts Alicia and goes back in to Cedric. Cedric ends up getting the win with the Lumbar Check out of nowhere.


  • Cedric Alexander

WWE Hall of Fame 2017 : Kurt Angle

WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Winners, Highlights added a congratulation message to join the WWE Hall of Fame 2017, Kurt Angle.

WWE Main Event : 6 Man Tag Team Match

WWE presents 6 Man Tag Team Match between Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn.

With the entrance of WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

In this article of WWE Monday Night Raw Results, the news is confirmed about the return of Bill Goldberg in the upcoming WWE Raw next week.

Brawn Strawman joins the Jericho and Owens team for the match. Following them, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns entered the arena respectively. The two teams meet in the middle of the ring. ami attacks Braun before the bell and the two teams go at it. Jericho gets sent to the floor. Braun tosses Rollins out. It comes down to Reigns and Braun in the ring. They go at it and Braun tosses Reigns to the floor. Braun stands tall.

They started fighting each other bruetly. The match brings the cheers to the crowd. It was the most awaited match in WWE Monday Night Raw on 16th January 2017.

You can check the full video of this main event above. Here we provide the WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Highlights with videos in each headings.


  • Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

You can all check the full match highlights video of WWE Monday Night Raw Results below.

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